Medium Beeswax wrap kit
Medium Beeswax wrap kit
Medium Beeswax wrap kit
Medium Beeswax wrap kit
Medium Beeswax wrap kit

Medium Beeswax wrap kit

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Our kits make wraps affordable if your willing to have some fun and DIY, our wraps cost between $2 - $4 ea once you DIY that's massive savings versus buying premade! 

All you need is some 100% cotton fabric which you can pick up reasonably cheap online or at your local fabric store. We recommend thin fabric (summer bed sheet thin) to ensure the wrap can mould properly. The reason we do not supply the fabric is we know that everyone likes to bee different - why not buy some superman fabric for the kids, some Ford or Holden fabric for hubby and some floral fab for mum!?

Cut to the chase, you bring the fabric and we supply everything else. In the medium  kit you will receive, 

- Instructions

- 3 x 100g Blocks of our raw beeswax (300g total)

- 50g of pure coconut oil

- 2 x measuring pippets

- 2 x stirrers

-1 x brush

You will need and old oven tray, oven, fabric, fabric scissors (good quality scissors so you don't destroy your perfect fabric).

Although we really want you to buy our kit and make a sale, we are Honest Aussies, so, it wouldn't feel right with us if we didn't warn you! Beeswax can get pretty bloody messy so please do not use your brand spankin new oven tray (although not impossible it will be a pain to clean). Instead, support your local charity op shop and purchase an old tray for a buck or two! If you insist on using your brand new oven tray, clean it thoroughly with boiling water before the wax is set! 

Have fun and most of all please be safe! Melting wax, dealing with boiling water can be dangerous, adult supervision required!